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Clean Gel Polish With a Shining and Moisturizing Cleanser

Gelliebeans No Sticky Finish CleanserNo Sticky Finish Cleanser is a unique combination of soak off solution and cuticle oil that gently and effectively loosens Gel Polish while hydrating cuticles. The cuticle oil is an added benefit that prevents dehydration of the skin and nails while removing the sticky layer left behind by LED/UV products.

No Sticky Finish Cleanser is the final step in the manicure process to remove the tacky layer and create a beautiful shine. Nails may feel a bit tacky even after the last curing stage. Rubbing nails with the No Sticky Finish removes the tackiness and smooths nails giving them a high gloss finish.

No Sticky Finish Cleanser is necessary for use in the removal process to loosen gel polish. Using No Sticky Finish Cleanser will keep your nails stronger and healthier.

*It’s important to allow the remover to work for at least 10 minutes to fully break the bond to the natural nail. Gel polish should never be peeled or chipped off nails. Doing so can damage the nail plate and create divots or pockets in the natural nail bed.



Follow these simple steps for an easy and carefree removal.

Step 1

Using a 100 grit nail file break the gel seal by completely filing off the shiny top layer. By removing the shiny top layer you will help to keep your nails in great condition!

Step 2

Pour a small amount of gelliebeans™ best remover onto gelliebeans lint free wipe. Wrap each wipe with a gelliebeans™ foil wrap to create a moisturizing pouch over each fingernail. Let rest for 10 minutes.

Step 3

After 10 minutes, remove finger from pouch and gently push the gel off the nail with the gelliebeans™ gel remover/cuticle pusher. Excess gel can be easily buffed off. Now you are ready for you next gelliebeans™ manicure!

No Sticky Finish Cleanser is also available as part of the Starter Kit, shown here:

1989 Starter Kit

Priming Our Way To A Longer Lasting Manicure!

A NAIL PRIMER is important in both the gel and lacquer nail application process. It is applied to natural unpolished fingernails before applying colored gel or lacquer polishes. It works as a cleaning agent as well as aiding in adhesion to ensure a gorgeous long-lasting manicure.

The Gelliebeans™ and Nailbuds™ primers come in “mini-sized” bottles, allowing for convenient travel, touchups or on the go use.


Gelliebeans™ Mini Gel Polish Primer

The mini gel polish primer is a non-acid, pH balanced bonder that aids in the adhesion of color and extends wear time.

How It Works

Gel primer helps to remove the remaining moisture and oils from your nails to prep them for the gel polish application.


Before applying the primer be sure to use a gel remover/cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles. Lightly buff the top layer of the nail with a 100 grit nail file. Be sure your nails are clean, dry and oil free! Use long, even strokes and cover the entire nail. One thin coat of primer is enough. Allow the primer to air dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Nailbuds™ Mini Primer (for lacquers)

An effective pre-color nail wash to prepare nails for great polish adhesion.

How It Works

Primers cleanse the nail to ensure removal of oils and bacteria. It also has a dehydrating effect which creates a small amount of roughness on the nail plate, giving polish something to cling to.


Before applying the nail primer, be sure to use a gel remover/cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles. Be sure your nails are clean, dry and oil free! Use long, even strokes and cover the entire nail. One thin coat of primer is enough. Allow primer to air dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Which LashFood Mascara Are You?

LashFood Conditioning Mascaras are no ordinary mascara… they contain Nano Peptide Conditioners that strengthen and protect lashes without drying them out. What’s even better is that they are formulated to be water resistant and smudge-proof, yet easy to remove with just soap and water.

Each mascara is designed for a different purpose. Whether you want to volumize or lengthen, or get the best of both worlds, LashFood has a mascara for you!

Conditioning Drama Mascara

As our top selling mascara, it creates length and volume in all the right places while conditioning lashes from root to tip! The thick brush allows for ample coverage corner to corner creating beautiful, dramatic lashes.

Conditioning Lash Primer with Fiber

A lash base coat that combs and separates lashes for extra volume and length! Can be used daily before applying your favorite mascara.

Conditioning Drama Mascara (Waterproof)

On a hot and humid day, this is our go-to mascara! The waterproof formula can outlast the wear and tear of outdoor activities, workouts and swimming without the worry of raccoon eyes at the end of the day!

Conditioning Volume 3-D Mascara

You can’t go wrong with an hour glass shaped brush! It instantly grabs and coats even the tiniest lashes amping up the length and volume while leaving a clump free, silky finish.

Conditioning Lash Extending Mascara

Want the length without the added volume? This thin brush and long, flexible wand is capable of reaching even the shortest lashes leaving them long and fluttery. We tend to reach for this mascara for a natural, subtle look.

5 Mascaras

TIP: If you want to apply more than one coat, it’s best to do so while the product is still wet and fresh, otherwise you may get small clumps.


Which LashFood Mascara do you think you are? Let us know in the comments below!

All About That Base

We’re All About That Base, ‘Bout That Base!

What’s a product that will make your gel manicure last longer? A base coat! This is a very important step in the application process of a gel manicure. It acts as a “double-sided tape”, one side sticks to your natural nail bed and the other side clings to the polish color, ensuring a long lasting gel manicure. A base coat provides other great benefits as well. It fills in ridges creating a smooth surface for the nail polish to sit on and it also protects nails from turning yellow when using darker shades. With a great base coat like gelliebeans rock bottom base, you’ll be able to protect your nails from staining while achieving a perfect gel manicure that stays chip free for up to 3 weeks.

Are you all ‘Bout That Base?!

All About That Base

Marsala: Pantone Color of the Year


Marsala Color of The Year

Blog Text

Naughty from Orly SmartGels™

my heart bleeds for you from gelliebeans™

ice will FREESIA from nailbuds™


Don’t forget to stop by the QBG Brands store for our Valentine’s Day Promotions!


Be My Gellie Valentine

Ring In The New Year With Flirty Eyes Mink Lashes!

Add a touch of drama to your lashes for the New Year! Stop your New Year’s kiss in his tracks and keep on kissing him even after the dazzling, disco ball has dropped!

New Years Promo 2

Getting Ready For The New Year!

Ring in the New Year with glitz, glamour, and a little drama. Create your New Year’s look with QBG Brands’ must have products. From nails to lashes, and a little after care to brighten your eyes, you’ll look ready to party long after the glittering ball has dropped!

Gelliebeans Glitz & Glam Collection includes bold and flirty shades…making your nails the center of attention. Dazzle the night away with ‘shimmering meringues’, ‘butterscotch’, ‘purple popsicle’, ‘fireball’, ‘black licorice’, or ‘silver spoon’.

GBGG Glitz & Glam

Batting your long and luscious lashes this New Years will certainly grab someone’s attention. Try LashFood’s Drama Mascara to add volume and length while conditioning and strengthening with Nano-Peptide proteins.

LF1004 Drama Mascara

Make a showgirl statement with Flirty Eyes 100% Mink Lashes. Go from au naturele to vava-voom and add a touch of drama to your eyes that is sure to stop your New Year’s kiss in his tracks.

ML07 Bedroom Eyes

Staying up past midnight may be a struggle after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Chella’s Anti-Fatigue Mask will help reduce dark circles and puffiness while immediately firming, lifting, and smoothing the eye area so you can look and feel your best for 2015.

CH500012 Anti-Fatigue Masck


What are your New Years Eve plans?

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Stocking Stuffers

Finding the right stocking stuffer can be quite a challenge when you’re already trying to find the perfect gift to nestle under the Christmas tree for your loved ones. To make your holiday shopping a little easier, we’ve come up with a short guide for great stocking stuffers.

  • gelliebeans Festive Lights Collection

Slip the colors of the holiday season in your loved one’s stocking. This 6 piece collection includes ‘candy apple’, ‘bing cherry’, ‘butterscotch’, ‘midnight blue’, ‘silver spoon’, and ‘emerald city!’. These festive colors are sure to dazzle one’s nails this holiday season.

GBFL Festive Lights

  • nailbuds Winter Glow Collection

Nailbuds mini sized nail lacquers bottles are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! These little gems are great for stashing in your purse for on-the-go use and traveling. The Winter Glow Collection is made up of warm shades that will compliment any holiday outfit.

NBWGL Winter Glow Lacquers

  • Portable LED Lamp

Our Portable LED Lamp is the perfect stocking stuffer— stylish and compact, just smaller than an iPhone! This powerful 3 watt lamp is great for on-the-go use and will keep you looking polished and ready for all festive gatherings.

0009 Portable Lamp

  • LashFood Conditioning Fiber Primer

You can never go wrong with something that will brighten your eyes. Take it up a notch with LashFood Conditioning Fiber Primer. The moisturizing lash primer thickens and treats lashes for a perfect mascara application.  The primer perfectly combs and separates lashes while simultaneously improving the vitality of natural lashes.

LF1010 Conditioning Fiber Primer

Still haven’t found the right stocking stuffer? Stop by the QBG Brands website for more stocking stuffer ideas with our Holiday Gift Guide!

Getting Ready For The Holiday Party

This is a crazy time of with the hustle and bustle of holiday gift shopping, an endless list of recipes to try, decorating the house with festivity, and all the while still trying to figure out how you will make heads turn at this year’s holiday party. We can’t help with decorating or cooking, but we can help you look your best and offer some great gift ideas!

CH500006 Ivory Lace Highlighter

  • Add a glamorous flare to your lashes with Flirty Eyes Mink Lashes ~ Eye Catcher.  These are a must have beauty accessory, lashes are cleverly arranged in length from subtle to bold to make your eyes look glamorous.

ML06 Eye Catcher

NBBS Berries & Spice

Want a White Elephant gift people will actually WANT… LashFood’s Lash Transformation System. The lucky recipient will be able to transform their short, thin lashes into beautiful, lush lashes in just 4 weeks. This system includes a 5 step power treatment that includes the Phyto-Medic Lash Enhancer, Conditioning Lash Primer, Drama Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner and Instant Makeup Remover.

LFTS Lash Transformation System

Need more ideas for holiday gifts? Stop by the QBG Brands website and check out our Holiday Gift Guide!

Office Beauty Rules: Brows, Eyes, & Lips Edition

We are picking up from where we left off on the beauty rules in the workplace. This week we will be discussing your brows, eyes, and lips.


The perfect brow really is everything. They define your face and bring your entire look together. It’s really important to groom your brows every 2-4 weeks (depending on the growth rate) and find good quality brow products to fill them in to perfection. Brow products such as the Chella Beautiful Brow Stencils and Brow Color Kits are perfect to help enhance and create the perfect brow.


Wearing over the top eyeshadow shades or going with a smokey eye look can be very distracting in the workplace. Eyeshadows should be kept to neutral colors and used at a minimum. Use a neutral color eyeliner that will last all day and don’t forget to top it off with a mascara that does not clump. LashFood Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner and any one of their Conditioning Mascaras will help to achieve this look.


Adding some color to your lips is the perfect trick to have that “put-together” look. If you’re going with a bolder color, put more emphasis on minimal eye makeu, or go au naturel and use lip balm, and put the emphasis on your eyes.


What does your morning beauty ritual for the office look like? Anything that we might have missed that is very important to you? Share with us in the comments below!

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